Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We have to have fun in an harmony world!!!

Apple made their new iphone announcement on Tuesday. If you are on any of the social networks, you won't have any excuse to say "you do not know". Apple does not need to do their own advertisement, since everyone is doing it for them. I think nowadays we considered every word, pictures or videos online is a kind of advertisement, including positive or negative critics.

A Youtube video called Introducing the Iphone 5s by Matthias Youtube Channel, published 4 days before the announcement of the iphone 5s. The video is to tease the lack of creativity of the Apple company. "4 days before the iphone announcement" means Matthias channel made the video before having the full knowledge of the Iphone 5s. Some of my friends sent me the link and questioned, "how come Apple will do this kind of video?"

I am not surprised that it has attracted over 3 million views. Think deeply, we should not encourage this kind of acts. Matthias channel is a youtube channel that makes funny videos. I think their goal is to make fun out of something; however, making fun by using fake facts to attack people in order to make some voice out of it is totally unacceptable. I am sure that there are many Apple engineers, designers or programmers used lots of time to produce/design their best Apple products (according to them). What Matthias channel has done not only hurting the Apple company, but it will also hurt all the Iphone related people working behind.

We do not have to appreciate what Apple has made or designed, but at least we should not use fake facts to attack anyone or any company. The video is a low level product.

One more thing which made me worry about are the 40 000+ likes in this video. I think we should really step back and think more about if we can laugh at people without any boundary. If our dream is to have a harmony World, we should think more before our such actions.

Having fun is good and I appreciate the creativity of the Matthias channel; although it is morally incorrect. Sometimes, creativity should be bounded by basic moral values.


by Billy Chan

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

World Youth Day Rio 2013

2013 is a very important year for me. I have moved to Toronto and changed my job. I am now working in a Catholic media company. At the same time, it is a WYD year. 

I have been always wanted to join WYD, however I know that my body cannot really take it. Not only talking about the walking part (normally is 10+ km of walk according to my youths who have been in WYD), it is also about the accommodation. Some local families are generous enough to allow some of the pilgrims to stay over. Some youths will need to stay in an auditorium or inside some schools. People like me, who always concern about the "cleanness"  of a place will definitely have a hard time. The only way that I can feel about World Youth Day is when my youths came back from it and do a little faith sharing on it.

This year I am so glad that I have changed my job to a TV station. My role is to update and maintain the website. It is by coincidence the year of World Youth Day, therefore I can actually know all the first news from Brazil about WYD. Our station sent a crew to Brazil and did some live show. They are incredibly well done. This is the first time I watch the welcoming of the Papal, opening mass, some catechesis session and I will follow this to the end. I can finally feel that I am participating in World Youth Day this year (Of course, it is not the same as I go to Rio), however I can definitely feel that i tis a very important period for the Catholic Church. Thank's to our blessed John Paul II for making World Youth Day happened!

Alleluia, Alleluia.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Notes on talk by Bishop Thomas Dowd: Evil, Suffering and Disaster: Where is God?

According to Catechism of the Catholic Church #309,
    If God the Father almighty, the Creator of the ordered and good world, cares for all his creatures, why does evil exist? To this question, as pressing as it is unavoidable and as painful as it is mysterious, no quick answer will suffice. Only Christian faith as a whole constitutes the answer to this question: the goodness of creation, the drama of sin and the patient love of God who comes to meet man by his covenants, the redemptive Incarnation of his Son, his gift of the Spirit, his gathering of the Church, the power of the sacraments and his call to a blessed life to which free creatures are invited to consent in advance, but from which, by a terrible mystery, they can also turn away in advance. There is not a single aspect of the Christian message that is not in part an answer to the question of evil.
There is no quick answer for this. There are some concepts that we discussed in the talk.

The root of suffering is SIN.

Suffering applies only to Earth Beings (Humans or Animals) and Angelical beings.

We can categories different kinds of Evil (Sin). There are 2 kinds of Evil or sin. They are moral evil and natural evil.

Moral evil only applies to Human or Angel because God gives them free will. The different is that human has a chance to repent his/her sins but not for angel. Angel’s first moral choice will determine if it is a demon or not. The reason is that there is no “time” element in the Angel world.
    Angels do not have man's shortcomings and can therefore act for God and represent Him when communicating with men and women. They bridge the huge gap between the holiness and perfection of God in heaven and the shortcomings of dying people on this planet. Angels were made immortal (that is, never to die). –
There are 2 kinds of Moral sin. They are commission or omission. Sin of commission is to do something wrong under full knowledge on the action. Sin of omission means that we did not do or failed to do what we can or must do.

Natural evil only applies to beings that have a body. There are 2 kinds of Natural evil, they are physical and metaphysical.

Physical evil includes all that causes harm to mankind, i.e. hurricane, HIV virus. It is directly due to nature are sickness, accident, death, etc.

Metaphysical evil is the limitation of human beings. This is things that we are lock on which can be completed by something or someone that God made. God created a world that can be harmony on itself, however, because we sin, our “meta-physical” part does not work. E.g., Hungers are not helped while most of the wealth is hold by first world country. In this case, the metaphysical evil is the hunger and God created us which can help the people to avoid hunger.

The consequences after we sin

There are two consequences when we sin. First is that we hurt ourselves. We hurt our soul. It just like when we get sick. Bishop Tom also mentioned it is not easy to define the word Healthy. We think that we are healthy since we never go to have a body check or we did not see which parts of our body get hurts.

Secondly, sin holds back the improvement of human being. If we look back the last 100 years, we spent too much money, time and man power on wars, weapons or things that hurt the harmony of our society. If we put all the resources on other areas like medical research, Cancer or HIV should be cured long time ago. Buildings won’t be destroyed by earthquake or hurricane. Also, no more poor and hungers! Therefore, sin we made will slow down the progression of human beings and that makes us suffer.

What’s the solution? US, we need to do something about it!!!

Somebody asked if Death is a kind of suffering? It brings to the point that we can think of Dormition/Assumption of Virgin Mary. Dormition means falling asleep. If we have enough faith, we fall asleep in this world and wake up on the other side.

Hope this help. God Bless!

Monday, March 26, 2012

感聽感言 2012.03.21 - Billy Chan

感聽感言 2012.03.21 - Billy Chan

近期我參於策劃很多不同社區服務的Project,有唐人街電台賀年show、331華人幹細胞登記活動等和還有一些清年籌款活動, 有很多感受。 籌備這些活動需要很多的人力、物力和財力。目的都是一樣—做福社區。每次開會討論籌備活動時,都是非常雀躍的,每人都會用盡自己的才能去服務這件事。我們不但出錢和力,還要用很多時間。這些過程所得到的經驗和快樂是無價的。

當然我們也有遇到失樂的時候,就是當遇到一些不支持我們理念的人或不斷把冷水撥過來的人。當我遇到這些人的時候,就像老天爺給我訓練EQ一樣,慢慢地有耐性的給他們講解。當然不可能每次成功 (其實大部分都失敗),有些說怕被騙;有些說怕痛;有些說有其他人幫,不用我;有些說太貴,我會去看電影(吓?看電影比這個活還貴喔!)。但我覺得只要有一個人能夠受惠,我們的義工團隊也會不斷的幹下去,因為如果我們不做,那個人怎辦?


義出必行 - 狄易達.高皓正.范萱蔚.裕美.何卓瑩


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

苦瓜 + 鐘無豔 = 我哭了

苦瓜[陈奕迅] + 鐘無豔[謝安琪] = 我哭了[張學友]

大概今生有些事 是提早都不可以 明白其妙處
被你一貫的讚許 卻不配愛下去
我甘於當副車 也是快樂著唏噓
彼此這麼了解 難怪註定似兄妹一對
是誰人在暗示 事前強烈暗示 二人大概出了事
是誰人誤了事 事前從未注視 未曾問你的意思
我自信 仍不遲 想告解 我心意 方法只有一個 都要一試未算易
我痛恨成熟到 不要你望著我流淚 但漂亮笑下去 彷彿冬天飲雪水
珍惜淡定的心境 苦過後更加清
到大悟大徹將一切都昇華 這一秒坐擁晚霞 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple Vs Non-Apple (Orange)?

I think different people need different products.That's why God created Steve Job, Bill Gate, Dennis Ritchie, Lady Gaga, Morita Akio or J. K. Rowling...etc. Cool people need cool phone, I love my Samsung Galaxy s2 and also my old iPhone 3G. Before I saw lots of senior people (60+) holding the iphone 3G and scroll and scroll and scroll..... with their Glasses on the top of their nose! Now, I cannot see any old people holding my Samsung Galaxy s2 since it is not easy to use as an Iphone!

And now, I feel that I am cool... haha

Somebody showing me a new friend - Siri works so good and my Galaxy s2 ... haha... don't bother talking to him.. please...

I am using a MacBook which I found it is the best laptop in the world. So easy to use!!!! MacBook knows me a lot but I did not really know him because Macbook does not really allow people to know him easily. Com'on!!! Where is the registry Keys? Can I do regedit? Can I know what does 37920-20392-19302-10392.mp64 means? Haha..

PC allows me to do whatever I want!!!! Come on Baby, take off your Bikini... and... PC will take it off right away... WOW!!!!! So easy.. (so cheap too.. haha). For Macbook, she said,"Yes, I can take it off for you but you need to pay $999999999999.99 on App Store!!!!!

If you are an app developer, I think you want to work for Apple appstore more since you may get more profit! (Old people do not know how to Jail break their iphones...OR Also there is only one screen size! Your app only needs to care 1 size) For Android phone, After 2 secs your apps released, it will be on So fast!!! (If your app is not there yet, it is because your app sucks... haha)

This is all my opinion and I am not an expert. So, feel free to comment.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good news this morning!!!

Got a pass mark on a course I took!!! It is my last assignment... What a good news for the morning.