Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review my year 2010

This year is not a good year for me.

At the end of 2009, I thought I will have less things to complete in the following year (2010) since I have finished organizing ECCCLC 2009, requested to stop teaching Sunday School and had less responsibility in the Montreal Chinese Catholic Youth Club. In fact, it does not happen. Problems did not go away because of less responsibility. There are 10x more problems than before. These problems are seriously hurting everyone. It broke lots of relationship between friends and relatives. I don't like this.

However, this year, my relationship with God has improved a lot. My prayer quality has been improved. Thanks for Fr. Francis Ching's teaching about prayer. He told me to pray "SPECIFICALLY". Do not put your prayer into an abstract way. I thank God specifically. I request what I need specifically too. I can feel my relationship between God and me get closer every time I finished a prayer. I think when you know a new friend, you also want to know him better. We can know a friend by communication. We can also know a friend by reading his/her blog. Bible is God's blog actually. Whenever my relationship with God get closer, I felt a strong hit from the Evil. Problems come up again and I sin again and again and again.... I can feel my weakness. BUT, God is great! God keeps telling me to fight the Evil with Jesus.

2010 will be passed in 10 days! I hope the Evil can stop attacking me. I will keep praying and hope you all can keep praying for me too.

One little memorable situation:

2 days ago, FLL had a TV episode about Br. Andre and they have interviewed me for around 1 min. I did not even watch it since I was on my way back from Toronto to Montreal. Monday morning (yesterday), I passed through the food court at Eaton Center. There was a person (that I don't know) stopped me and asked me if I am a Chinese and if I can speak Canto. She said she saw me on TV yesterday. Wow... it was only a less than one minute interview and I thought that not many people will watch「生命恩泉」in Montreal... but, that's really wrong!!!!!! Please support 「生命恩泉」.

The following 3 links are the episode about Br. Andre:

小人物‧新聖人 A Humble New Saint:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Merry Christmas and Have a happy new year.

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