Monday, February 2, 2009

Will God punish people?

Today's question: Will God punish people?

No, God will not punish people.

>>> But, how come the punishment is clearly written in the old testament?

Wow.... we first need to understand that Bible is a collection of books. The books are a record of progress of the people. A Progress of how people understand God. It is just like a Math textbook from Grade 1 to Grade 12. So the books don’t record what God said but what people said about him. In the old Testaments, God was more of a person, which included emotions like anger and wrath. Then he was presented as a King until the Christians believed that God is love. As St. John said, “God is love.” He was the last to die and for now, was the peak for our learning. So the Old Testament prepares for the New Testament while the New Testament completes the Old Testament.

Jesus said in John 12:47 - 48, "If anyone hears my words and does not keep them faithfully, it is not I who shall judge such a person, since I have come not to judge the world, but to save the world: anyone who rejects me and refuses my words has his judge already: the word itself that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day." He is not coming to judge us. If there is no judge yet, there will be no punishment happen yet!!!

Keep in mind that the judge day will be on the last day. Did you prepare for it? If there is an angel in front of you, show you a button and said "If you press this button, the last day will be now and everyone will get his judge day. Will you press it?" This basically means one can go to the heaven right away. Most of the people will go to do confession right away and then press it which is kind of funny. You never know if the end of the day will be the next second. By then, we will not have enough time for confession anymore. So, choose to not sin will be the best choice here.

Do you know who will press the button without even think about it? --- Kids.

-- Ah B

[Part of the answer above is from Fr. Thomas Dowd]

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