Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Base on a real story... War in 2 weeks

Today, there is a war. I am inside the war too. Although there are more people on my side than on the other side, we lost. We totally lost the war. Many people died, and luckily, I am still survive. I think the reason of it is becuase of the weapon is very powerful on the other side or I can say, we do not have any weapon. We are not allow to have weapon, once we have it, we will get kill right away.

The war does not suddenly come, but we cannot do anything to prepare the war. We can only wait for it, wait for it to happen, and wait to see the deaths. There are no doctors and medications prepared, but if you are lucky, you may get some nurses to help you.

Whenever there is a war, you will see people get hurt, tears on the face and feel helpless. The reason of I can survive is because of there is somebody sacrificed his life. 2 weeks ago, the alarm was on. There are lots of soldiers in the press conference.

General J said: Our country will be under attack. Kybsjk city will be the first city get destroyed before March 1st. Soldiers in Kybsjk will be there to protect their lands until the last minute.

Then, the war begins, on wednesday afternoon, our team as usual was on patrol. Suddenly, one of the other teammates came by and yelled out: Watch out. I forgot what did he say exactly and he fell on the ground with lots of blood. That bullet supposed to be pointed at me. It is from a silent gun!!! He actually got the bullet straight into his body. Before he died, he said: you should stay, you can do better than me in the team, thank you.

2 mins after his death, general D called an emergency meeting and said: the war is over. It won't be another war within 6 months. Trust me... the war is done... Don't be sared...

But, me... I cried... I felt so bad. Although I am still alive, but...anyway. I will pray for the sacrificed. I hope they can be in a happy land soon.

The war was in the beginning of Jan and ended today.

-- ah B

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