Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Some of you may know, I am a host in FM 102.3 in Montreal. Every wednesday at 10:30 - 11:30 pm, you can also listen to my voice on the radio. The show's name is called "Happy Wednesday" (開心星期三). The objective of the show is to bring happiness to audience. We will try to present news in a funny way. If you have never listened to it, you can always listen the archieve by click on the link I put in the right hand side of this blog. Give me comments.... I really need comments. I know people always say good thing in front of me, which will of course make me happy. However, people who tell me negative comments, I love them.

I remembered that there was someone actually asked me out for a lunch and told me that... "you know.. you did something and it hurts me... I hate you Billy, bla bla" He can tell me this in front of me because he loves me. I treat him as my real real friend. Nowadays, it's so hard to get someone to point out your mistakes in front of you in a positive way. Here, I want to say thank you to all my Real friends....

It is not easy to do "Happy Wednesday". I am a human. I cannot be always happy. Yes, I always make jokes... it is because I want to see people to smile. I love people to laugh and to be happy. Someday, when I am not happy, it is so so so so so hard to do "Happy Wednesday", when I sit in the studio, my brain will be blank when I am sad. I need to tell myself... I need to be funny... I need to be funny. After 1 year working in the radio show, I found that the actors or actresses are so good. They can change their emotions easily.

Today, I watched a concert on DVD. I cannot count how many times I had tears on my face. So touching. I want to know actually if the singer can be that emotional every night in the concert? If yes, that means he/she really passed thru a lot in his/her life. I am so easy to cry now. Easy to get touched... so emotional.....How can a computer programmer be that emotional???? hahahaha

Happy Wednesday is such a good way for me to encourage myself at least one time a week. I love to do that show because everytime, after the show, my mood will change. So, self encouragement is so important in our daily life. I can only understand this now.. wow... I am an EQ trainer MAN!!!!! Yes, if I don't have those "sad" experiences, I won't know the meaning of "happiness". Thanks God....

-- Ah B

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