Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We have to have fun in an harmony world!!!

Apple made their new iphone announcement on Tuesday. If you are on any of the social networks, you won't have any excuse to say "you do not know". Apple does not need to do their own advertisement, since everyone is doing it for them. I think nowadays we considered every word, pictures or videos online is a kind of advertisement, including positive or negative critics.

A Youtube video called Introducing the Iphone 5s by Matthias Youtube Channel, published 4 days before the announcement of the iphone 5s. The video is to tease the lack of creativity of the Apple company. "4 days before the iphone announcement" means Matthias channel made the video before having the full knowledge of the Iphone 5s. Some of my friends sent me the link and questioned, "how come Apple will do this kind of video?"

I am not surprised that it has attracted over 3 million views. Think deeply, we should not encourage this kind of acts. Matthias channel is a youtube channel that makes funny videos. I think their goal is to make fun out of something; however, making fun by using fake facts to attack people in order to make some voice out of it is totally unacceptable. I am sure that there are many Apple engineers, designers or programmers used lots of time to produce/design their best Apple products (according to them). What Matthias channel has done not only hurting the Apple company, but it will also hurt all the Iphone related people working behind.

We do not have to appreciate what Apple has made or designed, but at least we should not use fake facts to attack anyone or any company. The video is a low level product.

One more thing which made me worry about are the 40 000+ likes in this video. I think we should really step back and think more about if we can laugh at people without any boundary. If our dream is to have a harmony World, we should think more before our such actions.

Having fun is good and I appreciate the creativity of the Matthias channel; although it is morally incorrect. Sometimes, creativity should be bounded by basic moral values.


by Billy Chan

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