Wednesday, July 24, 2013

World Youth Day Rio 2013

2013 is a very important year for me. I have moved to Toronto and changed my job. I am now working in a Catholic media company. At the same time, it is a WYD year. 

I have been always wanted to join WYD, however I know that my body cannot really take it. Not only talking about the walking part (normally is 10+ km of walk according to my youths who have been in WYD), it is also about the accommodation. Some local families are generous enough to allow some of the pilgrims to stay over. Some youths will need to stay in an auditorium or inside some schools. People like me, who always concern about the "cleanness"  of a place will definitely have a hard time. The only way that I can feel about World Youth Day is when my youths came back from it and do a little faith sharing on it.

This year I am so glad that I have changed my job to a TV station. My role is to update and maintain the website. It is by coincidence the year of World Youth Day, therefore I can actually know all the first news from Brazil about WYD. Our station sent a crew to Brazil and did some live show. They are incredibly well done. This is the first time I watch the welcoming of the Papal, opening mass, some catechesis session and I will follow this to the end. I can finally feel that I am participating in World Youth Day this year (Of course, it is not the same as I go to Rio), however I can definitely feel that i tis a very important period for the Catholic Church. Thank's to our blessed John Paul II for making World Youth Day happened!

Alleluia, Alleluia.

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