Monday, November 28, 2011

Apple Vs Non-Apple (Orange)?

I think different people need different products.That's why God created Steve Job, Bill Gate, Dennis Ritchie, Lady Gaga, Morita Akio or J. K. Rowling...etc. Cool people need cool phone, I love my Samsung Galaxy s2 and also my old iPhone 3G. Before I saw lots of senior people (60+) holding the iphone 3G and scroll and scroll and scroll..... with their Glasses on the top of their nose! Now, I cannot see any old people holding my Samsung Galaxy s2 since it is not easy to use as an Iphone!

And now, I feel that I am cool... haha

Somebody showing me a new friend - Siri works so good and my Galaxy s2 ... haha... don't bother talking to him.. please...

I am using a MacBook which I found it is the best laptop in the world. So easy to use!!!! MacBook knows me a lot but I did not really know him because Macbook does not really allow people to know him easily. Com'on!!! Where is the registry Keys? Can I do regedit? Can I know what does 37920-20392-19302-10392.mp64 means? Haha..

PC allows me to do whatever I want!!!! Come on Baby, take off your Bikini... and... PC will take it off right away... WOW!!!!! So easy.. (so cheap too.. haha). For Macbook, she said,"Yes, I can take it off for you but you need to pay $999999999999.99 on App Store!!!!!

If you are an app developer, I think you want to work for Apple appstore more since you may get more profit! (Old people do not know how to Jail break their iphones...OR Also there is only one screen size! Your app only needs to care 1 size) For Android phone, After 2 secs your apps released, it will be on So fast!!! (If your app is not there yet, it is because your app sucks... haha)

This is all my opinion and I am not an expert. So, feel free to comment.

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