Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can "Love" be eternal? 愛是永恆?

-- Chinese Version at the end --

Yesterday somebody asked me, "Can love really be eternal"?

I answered, "Yes".

He continued, "How do you know?"

At that moment, I did not know how to answer him, but I believed that my answer is right.

In fact, what does "Eternal" mean? If we do not use a religion angle to look into it, there is no way we can define it. Then, he keeps asking, "You are major in Maths in university, can you use Mathematics way to explain it?"

Eternal means Infinity. Infinity means nothing can be bounded.

However, mathematicians still cannot explain exactly to locate infinity.

In reality, time is defined by mankind. Besides religion, there is nothing can guarantee "Eternal love". Even with law and human nature which can only response to be able to see or hear the truth to decide whether you should be loved , that is what we called by evidence. However after you died, the law cannot gurantee "love" anymore.

God created humans, humans defined time that means God control time. Therefore, only love from God can be eternal. Also it is because of my faith, I believed that love can be eternal.










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