Monday, August 8, 2011

Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission held a badminton competition on July 30th -- 31st. Thank you for your support!

Thank you everyone who has worked in the MCCM Badminton tournament. It is really a miracle. There were 60+ people on July 30th. All the beefball sold within 2 hours. There were Canto, Mandarin, English and French people to have fun together in a pretty hot day. The age was from 8 years old to 85+ years old (Fr. Tou was there to support!!!). It is a Miracle! Thank you for Uncle Peter Chan + Youth Club for the snack bar. Thank you for our 2 photographers: Vincent Lo and Peipei Hu. Thank you for all the setup people: Yuan Lee, Emma Yuen, Matthew Suen, Kathleen Wong, Wilson Wong, Wong Tai 黃太 + Many others!!!! Thank you for our 2 judges: Ho Ming Li and Gill Huang!!! Thank you for all the participants as well. Without participants, we won't be able to have this tournament that successful.

Champion: Kevin Du & Blair Du
2nd place: Maxwell Ku & Cyrus Yeung

Special Thanks:

Thank you All the Priests
Peter Chan
Wilson Wong
Helen Lee
Dai Hua Yu
Yang Li
Billy Chan
Josephine Wong (黃太)
Matthew Suen
Lys Lau
Jeff Li & Gill Huang (Judge)
Vincent Lo & Pei Pei Hu (Photographer)
Montreal Chinese Catholic Mandarin Group
Montreal Chinese Catholic Youth Club
Montreal Chinese Catholic Altar Club

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