Friday, January 21, 2011


I went to a talk by Mr. Christopher West ( last night at McGill University. Here are some intro and and recording:
2 words "Freedom" and "Love" are very important for us to live. We spent our whole life to fight for freedom and love. They are closely related. The definition about love and freedom in our culture is very different than people who follow Jesus.

The Truman Show (

We are hungry, but sex cannot fill us up!

God created us male and female and made us fertile. Don't treat a person as a piece of meat!

Are we really having fun? Getting drunk and getting laid? Why we have to numb ourselves?

Be courageous enough to be alone with yourself without any noise and listen to what your heart is telling you. Even if your heart is telling you that you are not happy.

Be courageous to feel what you really feel!

Sexual revolution of the 20th century which is understandable as a reaction to the punish-less and fear of the sexuality which is typical of the previous era.The Sexual revolution went to another extreme. It promised us there will be "better" relationship with men and women. There will be more happiness, more freedom, more joy! Are men and women really more happier?

Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul is a BANQUET!

If we not in control of our own desires (Sexual desires), We will inevitablely seek to others to seek to gratify our desires.

Our culture convinced us that sex, sex and more sex is what we want!

Authentic sexual liberation is not the freedom to indulge one’s compulsions. Rather, it is freedom from the compulsion to indulge. Only to the degree that a person is free from the tyranny of lustful impulses is he capable of being a true gift to others.

Man is not an animal ruled by instinct. He is a rational animal who, to live in accord with his own dignity, must act freely.

Your body does not make sense by itself... we can look at creation. There must be a plan.

The talk is very inspired, at least made me think for the whole night.
Enjoy the talk!!!!

Part 1 - Introduction - Sr. Marine: [Download]

Part 2 - Talk - Christopher West: [Download]

Part 3 - Respondent 1 - Prof Daniel Cere: [Download]

Part 4 - Respondent 2 - Sister Susannah Kelly: [Download]

Part 5 - Conclusion - Christopher West: [Download]

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